Quietly Strolling through the Tenryu-ji Temple in Japan

Tenryu-ji Temple in Japan!

Travel Feedback


The Tenryu-ji Temple – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – was built in the 14th century by a shōgun in honor of a Japanese emperor that had passed away.

Takauji,who ordered the construction of the temple, intended to appease the spirit of the former emperor.

It is located in the Arashiyama District.

Tenryu-ji has one of the country’s most incredible zen gardens and is currently the headquarters of the Rinzai School of Zen Japanese Buddhism…

At the temple,silence is a very precious state and everything is set according to the Zen tradition!

And what is a “shōgun”?

A shōgun is a military title (or distinction) given by a Japanese emperor. Many call the shōgun the Major Commander of the Army, the Generalìssimo or even the Military Dictator.

Indeed for hundreds of years, it was the shōgun’s who ruled the country, and even though the Emperor represented Japan, it was the shōgun who had the…

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