Wonderful Bamboo Forest in Japan!

Wonderful the centennial Bamboo Forest in Japan!

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In the Arashiyama district, we can visit the famous and wonderful centennial Bamboo Forest!

 The Japanese have a long history of myths and legends with bamboo, in which they compare man with the strength of bamboo. But we can also find bamboo canes in other spots, including houses, fences and ice cream cups. 

 But seeing a bamboo forest first hand and being able to walk in the middle of the bamboo trees is magical, and gives visitors a feeling of tranquility!

 You won`t be able to see the sun, but the wind makes the leaves of the bamboo canes dance!

In Arashiyama you can also visit, and do not fail to do so. I speak at Tenryu-ji Temple a 10-minute walk from the Bamboo Forest.

(30 minutes by bus from Kyoto)

Safe Travels!

No distrito de Arashiyama, podemos visitar a famosa e absolutamente maravilhosa e centenária Floresta de Bambu!

Os Japoneses tem uma longa…

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