Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. Looks like a postcard. Live is what we feel that we are part of a postcard scenery! Japan.

Excess of Beauty! The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan.

Travel Feedback


Excess of Beauty!!!

Is it possible that something is so beautiful that we can not describe !?The expectations were high,  and I was not disappointed!The Gold Pavillion (or Kinkaku.Ji – Rokuon-Ji Temple) in Kyoto. 

The garden and the buildings surrounding the ‘pavilion’ – which are meant to represent Buddha’s pure land all over the world – did not disappoint.

Built at the end of the14th century, it was originally the private house of a shōgun. When he died, the house was converted into a temple for Zazen practice (or religious meditation) – an important method of Buddhist meditation training, that helps one to establish a base within Zen Buddhism.

The brilliant Kinkaku is a landmark of Kyoto. It caught fire many times during wars, and more recently it partially burned in the sequence of a crime. It was restored in 1955, but a significant improvement came around in1987 – when all gold…

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