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Yasaka Pagoda in Kyoto! Pagodas and Old-Fashioned Machiyas in Japan.

yasaka pagoda

The Yasaka Pagoda in Higashiyama District in Kyoto.

A curious fact about the Pagodas. Is said they keeper a fragment of Buddha’s bones. In fact, according to Buddhists, all Pagodas around the world have a piece of Buddha hidden inside the pagodas’s!


Higashiyama District, the best preserved historical district of the city, also known as Old Kyoto with its beautiful Machiyas.
And what are Machiyas?

Machiyas are traditional Japanese wooden houses that are preserved and restored, only to continue looking aged.  Some are little shops, other restaurants, some art galleries and some are even residential houses. And it was exactly in a Machiya, located in Higashiyama, that we stayed while in Kyoto. They are difficult to rent, but with time (roughly 3 months prior) it is possible to do it?

A modern residential house, but also a very fashionable Machiya. It is easy to realise that it was inspired by traditional Machiyas!


Safe Travels!!!

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